Proving Grounds: Inclusiveness

Ryan Yager
3 min readApr 24, 2023


Today we will be looking at Off Sec Proving Grounds Inclusiveness, found here:

Lets start off as usual with a rustscan:

We have three ports open, lets try anonymous login on FTP:

It works, whenever I get anonymous login I always like to try and send a file in all directories to see if I have write permissions anywhere:

We have write permissions on pub. Lets check out port 80 and see if there is a way to call back to pub.

Lets make a useragent of GoogleBot in Firefox…

To do this we need to go to about:config, put in the information below, click on string and put in GoogleBot

After a refresh we see the following:

Lets try LFI:

Easy day, lets call to /var/ftp/pub and see if we can pull that test.txt:

Reverse shell time:

Lets try to get to root:

SUID bits show the following:

whoami is not a full path, and we are using printf. Lets try and do a printf tom and send it to the file within a file named whoami within the /tmp directory:

And we are root. Hopefully you learned something new within in this box and I look forward to doing some more, you all have a good one.



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